Metal sheet piling work at A0 Bucharest for Alsim Alarko

Project completed

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Metal sheet piling work at A0 Bucharest for Alsim Alarko

12m sheet piling work on the new A0 Bucharest motorway - Project completed.

In order to support the foundation for a future bridge over the Glina river necessary for the continuation of the A0 highway project, 480 VL604 sheet piles of 10-12m height were installed near the river, on both banks, in the area of the Glina sewage treatment plant. Thus the beneficiary Alsim Alarko had the possibility to carry out the work of pouring the concrete foundation and making the piles for the new bridge.

The installation time was 15 working days in clay soil.

Project Details


December 10, 2023




Image Gallery Work with metal sheet piles at A0 Bucharest for Alsim Alarko

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