Mamaia – Marina Surf

Completed Project: Pump and Needle Filter Installation:

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Project with 6m needle filters in Mamaia, beneficiary Marina Surf

To lower the water table level, we used 3 stations with needle filters of 180 filters of 6 m length in Mamaia.

Thus, after removing the water from the soil and maintaining it at a constant level in the ground, the beneficiary Marina Surf had the opportunity to perform the concrete foundation pouring works for a new S+P+10E block of apartments on the beach at Mamaia Nord.

The duration of the installation was 3 working days in a sandy area, the water table being at a depth of 0.5 m. After 24 hours, the water table was located at a depth of -6 m.

Successfully completed project.

Project details


December 10, 2023


Marina Surf


Marina Surf

Image Gallery Work with 6m needle filters in Mamaia, beneficiary Marina Surf - Completed Project Installation of Pump and Needle Filters

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