Metal Piling Installation - List of Successfully Completed Projects: Success Examples for Sustainable Constructions

Find out the list of our successfully completed professional metal piling installation projects, references that recommend us as a reliable supplier for special construction equipment. Find excellence in our projects!

List of Successfully Completed Projects by Professional Installation of Metal Sheets

Examples of Success for Sustainable Constructions. Am adus la viata o serie de realizari remarcabile, inclusiv:

    1. **Extension of the Tehnoworld Factory, Suceava county:** We built a spacious enclosure, using over 1200 sheet piles with lengths between 4 and 8 meters, to allow the efficient growth and development of the factory.
    1. **Premises for the A0 Motorway Bridge, Glina area:** We have created two robust enclosures, using sheet piles with lengths of 10-12 meters, to ensure the stability and safety of this important infrastructure element.
    1. **Support for the DN6 roadway for the A0 highway, Bragadiru area:** We made a solid wall with piles of 10 meters to support the road, thus contributing to the construction of the A0 highway and the improvement of the transport network.
    1. ** Mal Viisoara support, Dambovita county:** With the help of the 7-meter IBO pilings, we ensured protection and stability of the bank in this area, contributing to the efficient management of water and the prevention of erosion.
    1. **Supporting the foundations of the blocks of the Ateneo Residence Timisoara:** We created two robust pile walls with lengths of 8 meters, ensuring the stability of the banks and foundations of this prestigious residential complex.
    1. **Corbii Mari Bridge Pilons Support Precincts, Dambovita County:** We made four enclosures with 6-meter pilings, ensuring a solid and safe base for the pillars of the Corbii Mari bridge.
    1. **Premises for Retention Basin Rompetrol Navodari Refinery:** We created a solid enclosure, using 10-meter pilings, to ensure efficient water control in this important industrial area.
    1. ** Support Mal Manastirea Campinitei, Prahova county:** We built a sheet pile wall with lengths of 8-10 meters to protect the shore and to preserve this important cultural site.
    1. ** Premises for the Pool of the Expur Oil Factory in Slobozia:** With the help of the 8-10 meter piles, we ensured the stability of the retention basin, contributing to the efficient activity of the factory.
    1. ** Shore Support, Plopana Commune, Bacau:** We made a solid wall of piles 10 meters long, ensuring protection and stability of the bank in this area.
    1. ** Support for the Belona Eforie Nord Cliff for the Hotel Foundation:** We built an 8-meter-long sheet pile wall, ensuring a solid foundation for the hotel project on Faleza Belona in Eforie Nord.

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